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Hello!  I'm Kelly Vee... momma of three amazing little girls and small business owner.  Although, I don't think my business is so SMALL.  It's a pretty big deal around here and I feel so fortunate everyday to be doing something I love so much!

My home is filled with four year old twins, a two year old toddler and my golden retriever, Layla...  The house is a hustle but I wouldn't have it any other way.  And coffee, there is lots of coffee.

I started this blog with the intention of using it as a place to share my life, my work, my passions, my thoughts.  Little did I realize how much goes into a blog!  I read so many wonderful blogs and I appreciate more than ever all the effort it takes to write quality posts and material.  Needless to say, my blog has fallen to the bottom of the priority list but I know it will be there when I have time for it. The desire is there but life has had other plans for me, at the moment!

Behind the name Eve Of Joy:  My daughters are my greatest gifts, my biggest accomplishment, my heart on the outside.  Evelyn, Olivia, and Juliet. E.O.J. = Eve Of Joy... they are my joy and even though everyday is the best, I know the best is yet to come... each night is the eve of the next joyful day.