Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY: How to Organize Your Herbs & Spices with Baby Food Jars

Today I'm excited to share a project I have wanted to do for so long...get my spice drawer organized so I can actually find the spices I'm looking for!  I have a spice drawer in my kitchen which isn't deep enough for the average spice jars, so they all end up laying there on top of each other.  Well, not anymore!  This project will also work for spice racks!  All you need are some baby food jars and labels!  Let's begin:

First you need an complete mess of spices as seen here.

I have been shopping for spice jars online but then I remembered I have three children under the age of three, which means I have baby food jars and lots of them!  I love to reuse things I have around house.   I realize not everyone has a stash of baby food jars in their home but maybe you know someone who has a little one and would love to donate to your spice organization.

I used 2.5 oz, 4 oz., and 6 oz. jars from Earth's Best and Gerber.  The great thing about these jars is they have a rubber seal along the inside top and make for a pretty air tight closure.  There were a lot of complaints about the containers sealing in the reviews I had read.  Count your spices and gather up your jars!

You'll want to clean the jars VERY well.  You even sterilize if you wanted, I just washed them really well.  Next, make sure they are VERY dry.  You don't want to put any of your yummy spices in a damp jar.  While your jars are drying, you can work on your labels.

I used Avery 8293 round labels.  They are 1 1/2 inch white labels and fit the lids of my jars perfectly.  If you are using different jars, just measure and look for a label that fits.  They make a huge variety of round labels.  I then went to and used their design and print feature.  Fantastic and easy!  It took a few test pages to calibrate my printer correctly but it's a nice, easy program.  Choose a font that is easy to read and make sure it's large enough to see.  Don't forget to print off a few blanks for any future spices or herbs you pick up!

Once your bottles are dry, move your spices over and put a label on it. If you have spice rack, you can just as easily place the label on the front of the glass jar.  All my herbs and spices looked so nice and fresh when I was done.  Almost, like I was at some exotic herb market!  I look seeing all the colors and textures.

After they are all labeled, your ready to organize your spice drawer or rack.  Everything matches, they are easy to read and find...gorgeous!  Organization is the key to success, so here's to your next successful cooking adventure!  At least you'll be able to find the thyme in time!  EnJOY your new spices and herbs!

Please remember to recycle all those leftover empty plastic and glass jars...unless you can use them for something else....humm, beads, perhaps!