Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY: Vintage Kitchen Utensil Wall Collage

This is such an easy project with huge pay offs!  Your upcycling something and keeping it out of the landfills, it's custom to you, you'll get lots of compliments, and it's so inexpensive!

You will need:

- A set or collection of vintage kitchen/cooking utensils
- Acrylic paint of your choice
- Paint brush
- Paper the size of your wall area
- Tiny 1" nails and hammer
- Sandpaper (optional)

Time to use your treasure hunting skills and find a nice collection of vintage kitchen utensils.  Thrift stores, yard sales, your favorite vintage resale shop.  I got lucky and found my set on ebay for an unbelievable price ... $3.00 plus shipping for 10 pieces.  Ebay tip:  Look for auctions that end at odd times, less competition and evenings are the most crowded for auction bidders.   

I find in most decor, an odd number looks more ecstatically pleasing, so I set aside a few extras from my auction win.  Grab the utensils you found and lets get ready to paint.  Choose a color that makes you happy!  I looked around my kitchen for a color to use and nothing really spoke to me.  I looked in my paint box and found a color that made me happy, so I went with that.  Doesn't match a single thing in my kitchen but maybe it's the start of a new color palette!  Carefully paint the wooden handles of your utensils and set aside to dry.

While your paint is drying, measure the wall space you plan to use for your display.  You can use newspaper, wrapping paper, anything easy to manage and create a paper layout of your wall.  My space was small enough, I could use paper towels!  Lay your utensils out on the paper the way you want them to look on the wall.  You can even mark the paper where the nails will be and then transpose them to the wall. 

Once your utensils are dry, simply hang them according to your layout and you have a gorgeous wall display of vintage kitchen utensils!  

EXTRA STEP:  If you want your utensils to have a rustic look, simply take any type of sand paper to the dried paint and rough away patches as if time had worn them down.... almost how they probably looked when you bought them!  But they all match now so they are a collection!

EnJOY your new but old vintage kitchen utensil wall display!  Just think how many potatoes the masher on the wall has seen, how many Sunday morning pancakes the spatula has flipped, how many eggs the beater has wiped.... you get the idea!  Upcycle for the win!