Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY - Make Your Own Fun Sponge Water Toy

I'm always on the lookout for new, fun things for my kids and these "fun sponges" did the trick!  They are perfect for the pool, bath tub, around the yard, anywhere your willing to let water fly.  My girls are too little for water balloons but with these fun sponges, or spongeez as they call them, they are able to toss, play, and splash!

Here's what you will need:  a bunch of colorful, cheapie foam sponges (I picked up 4 for a $1 at a discount store), small elastic rubber bands, and household scissors.  You probably have most of this already in your home!

Cut the sponge the same size as it is thick to make square strips.  I cut some short ways and long ways to make small and large size fun sponges.

When your done, you should have a mountain of glorious sponge strips of all different colors.

Gather up about 12 or so sponge pieces in your hand.  You can add more or less depending on the size of sponge ball you want to create.

Once you have arranged your sponge strips, wrap a rubber band around the center to secure the grouping.  It's easier to have the strips where you want them, color wise, before binding them.

You can make all sorts of color combinations and patterns.  Mix it up!  I made 2 large and 4 small from 13 sponges for less than $4! 

My girls love to play with their fun sponges in the pool, the bath tub and outside.  They even play with them dry in the house!  They like to pretend clean.

So, for a few dollars and 10 minutes of your time, your kids can have a great new water toy.  These would be perfect for a birthday party as a substitute to water balloons.  They are reusable, yay, and you don't have to deal with picking up all those little balloon pieces, yay!  Be sure to make these with your kids: have them help you mix and match the colors!

How did your little ones like the "Fun Sponges" aka Spongeez?

                                                                                      xoxo Kelly