Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY: How to Install a New Font in Windows

I love fonts, scripts, and typography!  The way each letter appears and relates to one another is very specific and holds a lot of meaning.  There is so much emotion in a script.  You can type the same thing over and over yet it can produce a different feeling each time in a new script.

Installing new fonts is so easy!  I literally have 100's I've collected.  One of my favorite places to treasure hunt for new fonts is at  Artist are always adding new ones and there are 1000's to chose from.

After you've found a font you love and wish to use, follow the instructions below to add it to your font library on your computer.

Click the Download button next to the font you want to add to your computer.  Save the zip file someplace you can find it later.  I usually use my desktop and refile things after I'm done.

Once you've collected your zip file, unzip it and place it somewhere you can find it, ie. desktop!  Now open your control panel, go to appearance and personalization, then to fonts.  Open your fonts folder and you should see little icons for each font you have one your computer.

Highlight and add your new fonts to your current fonts.  Depending on how your computer is set, you may have to allow permission.  It will take a few moments for your fonts to install but once they do, you can use them anywhere on your computer.  They will now appear in Word, Publisher, Photoshop, etc.  See...simple!  Now you have access to a whole new world of scripts and fonts!

This tutorial is based on windows 7 but it is pretty much the same for all versions of windows.  You can always find your fonts folder by searching from the control panel tab and adding the file.

Please be sure to follow the copyright guidelines given by the author of the font.  Some are for personal use only, some can be used for commercial use with a purchased license, and some are for whatever your heart desires.  Just check to make sure it fits your needs and respects the copyright.

Enjoy your fonts and all the new things you can create!  Be inspired!   

Do you have a favorite place to find new fonts and scripts?
Please share here!

                                                                                                                   xoxo Kelly